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ZERO ARINC Cans are Used as air transport avionics equipment interfaces, all sizes are manufactured to meet Aeronautical Radio, Inc. (ARINC) specifications. ARINC deep drawn, housings provide you with a seamless aluminum and/or stainless steel part that can be used for motor shrouds, enclosures, lids, containers and more. The seamless ZERO Method eliminates weld issues like leaks and corrosiveness in environments.

ZERO can customize your can with holes, piercings, fittings, markings, welding and a variety of finishes. ZERO trims to your specified height at no charge, and can customize your can in-house, or work with your fabricator of choice. Our deep drawn cans can also be paired with a matching cover(s). Common markets for deep drawn cans are: aeronautics, broadcast/ communications, electronics, military, defense, unmanned vehicles, food and hospitality, and architecture.
Unit of Measure

Outside Length

N/A 3.17 in

Outside Width

N/A 3.17 in

Outside Height Maximum

N/A 9.38 in

Outside Height Minimum

N/A 0.21 in


N/A 3003-0

Blank Gauge Thickness (Before Draw)

N/A 0.032 in

Inside Radius R1

N/A 0.13 in

Inside Bottom Radius R2

N/A 0.13 in

Outside Diagonal Width C & H

N/A 3.88 in

Minimum Order

N/A 1

Standard Availability

N/A 3 Weeks



Deep Drawn Type

N/A Rectangle Square

Made In


Stock Status

N/A Non-Stock

Alternate Alloy Options

N/A 1100-0 6061-0 6061-T4 6061-T6

Heat Treating

N/A Standard heat treating is Fast and Slow Cycle Hydrogen Annealing. ZERO can Heat Treat Alloy 6061-0 to a T-4 or T-6 condition in conjunction with the drawing process.


N/A Bead Pattern (if Available) Deburr Sandblast Sand-o-Flex (Jitterbug) Sleeve Cut


N/A Anodize Chemical Film Paint Coat Powder-Coat


N/A Part Number Label Rubber Stamp


N/A First Article Report Material (Chemical/Physical) Material Source Inspection


N/A Bag Only Bag and Tag Egg Crate

Modified or Custom Deep Drawn Parts

N/A ZERO has a completely equipped design and manufacturing facility to perform any secondary operation or modification to standard boxes and covers. We also have an experienced staff of tool and die makers to satisfy your custom or special deep drawn requirements.

Alloy (Custom)

N/A Many materials, other than aluminum, can be deep drawn. ZERO has the ability to draw most materials on special order.

Surface (Custom)

N/A Countersink Holes Custom Shapes Obround Laser Cut Holes Round Laser Cut Holes Square/Rectangular Laser Cut Holes

Finish (Custom)

N/A Black Anodize Clear Anodize Custom Anodize Custom Powder-Coat Paint Custom Wet Paint FED-Std-595, Pantone and RAL Gold Anodize Gold Chemical Film Standards Powder-Coat Paint Standards Wet Paint Yellow Chemical Film

Marking (Custom)

N/A Bar Code Emboss Etch and Fill Hot Stamp Label Silk-Screen Stencil


N/A Blowers Brackets Card Edges Covers Fans Feet Flanges Gaskets Handles Hinges Latches Mounting Box Nameplates Panels


N/A Assemble Components Install Rivets, Screws and Washers Mount Hardware


N/A Louvering Piercing Ramping Tapping Welding


N/A Die Penetrant Drop Test Pull Test Watertight Integrity

Tolerances (Custom)

N/A Closer tolerances, on trim heights can be provided on special order at additional cost. Standard edge to feature dimensions will be held to ±0.030.

Feature to feature will be held ±0.010.


N/A The benefits start with a single sheet of metal. ZERO uses only the highest quality aerospace aluminum alloys. Each piece is precision sheared and formed using the ZERO method of deep drawing, then trimmed and tempered to your specification.

Benefits of ZERO's Deep Drawing

  • Created from a single sheet of metal
  • Cans are 100% seamless
  • Large quantities of deep drawn products can be easily manufactured
  • Uniform material thickness can be achieved
  • Over 30,000 Tools
  • No tooling or set up cost on stock sizes
  • Free trimming to height specification
  • Low tooling cost for custom jobs
  • In-house modification services (to adapt a standard can to special requirements)
  • Quick turn-around, including next-day shipping if required
  • 5 axis laser capabilities for precision modifications and prototyping

Additional Information

N/A ZERO provides value added services and operations. We understand and provide continuous delivery of products to meet your expectations in Kanban and long term agreements.

ZERO has no minimum order quantity required. We can draw exactly what you need! Price breaks are available at 10, 25, 50, 100, and 250+ piece quantities.


N/A 6 in

Length Tolerance (±)

N/A 0.02 in


N/A 6 to 24 in

Width Tolerance (±)

N/A 0.03 in

Trim Height

N/A Over 24 in

Trim Height Tolerance (±)

N/A 0.06 in

Radius Tolerance (±)

N/A 0.030

Bow Tolerances

N/A Bowing, or "oil canning", may occur in the base or any side of a deep drawn can, particularly when multiple drawing operations are performed. The following tolerances for this bow condition are additive to basic dimensional tolerance.

Maximum Bow Tolerances for Up to 6 Inch Basic Size

N/A 0.03 in

Maximum Bow Tolerances for 6 to 12 Inch Basic Size

N/A 0.06 in

Maximum Bow Tolerances for Over 12 Inch Basic Size

N/A 0.12 in

Note for Bow Tolerances

N/A For 1 - The bow condition will be checked by placing a straight edge across the tangent points of the corner radii of the side or bottom of the box, and measuring the maximum deviation from the straight edge to the surface of the metal. This applies to either a concave or convex condition.

For 2 - The basic size refers to the box width or length. The maximum allowable bow will be determined by the larger of the two dimensions for any given side, and by the smaller of the two dimensions for the bottom.


N/A When ordering give part number and height desired in inches. Example: HDD5042-3.00 = ARINC style enclosure (3.175" W x 3.175" L x 3.00" H).