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Polyguard Edge Protector is made of low density polyethylene which is resilient yet strong enough to protect your most delicate metal surfaces without marring. Color is translucent white (no pigment).

Designed specifically for the aircraft engine industry, Polyguard also offers the ultimate edge protection at the least cost for machines, tools, and other disk shaped parts. Just wrap Polyguard around your critical parts. The unique exterior groove design holds Polyguard in place when snapped over itself.

  • Provides custom protection at low cost
  • Fully protects delicate edges
  • 7 standard sizes to fit most applications
  • All sizes available from stock (1-2 weeks ARO)
  • No tape or fasteners required to hold in place
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Item #

Stock Status


Length (Roll)


MP9000-0500 N/A True N/A 0.50 in N/A 100 ft N/A 3.75 lb
MP9000-0750 N/A True N/A 0.75 in N/A 100 ft N/A 5.00 lb
MP9000-1000 N/A True N/A 1.00 in N/A 100 ft N/A 5.50 lb
MP9000-1500 N/A True N/A 1.50 in N/A 100 ft N/A 6.00 lb
MP9000-2000 N/A True N/A 2.00 in N/A 100 ft N/A 6.75 lb
MP9000-2500 N/A True N/A 2.50 in N/A 100 ft N/A 9.00 lb
MP9000-3000 N/A True N/A 3.00 in N/A 100 ft N/A 9.50 lb
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