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  • Square/Rectangle Drawn Cans

    ZERO Cans are deep drawn, providing you with a seamless aluminum part that can be used for motor shrouds, enclosures, lids, containers and more. The seamless ZERO Method eliminates weld issues like leaks and corrosiveness in environments.

    ZERO can customize your can with holes, piercings, fittings, markings, welding and a variety of finishes. ZERO trims to your specified height at no charge, and can customize your can in-house, or work with your fabricator of choice. Our deep drawn cans can also be paired with a matching cover(s). Common markets for deep drawn cans are: aeronautics, broadcast/communications, electronics, military, defense, unmanned vehicles, food and hospitality, and architecture.

  • deepdraw_covers

    ZERO's deep drawn housing covers provide you with a seamless aluminum part. Covers are available in five basic configurations.

    Flush-Fitting Covers (CF) ZERO offers all cans as flush-fitting covers (CF). These can be made to any height increment between the maximum and minimum listed.

    Outside-Fitting Covers (COT, COL) ZERO offers both tight-fitting (COT) and loose-fitting (COL) covers, with no variation of clearance for a gasket. Height variations are available with special setup or tooling, for which charges may apply.

    Inside-Fitting Covers (CI) ZERO offers tight fitting inside covers, though no height variation is available without special tooling.

    Gasket-Fitting Covers (COG) ZERO offers gasket-fitting covers to allow clearance for a gasket. No height variation is available without special tooling, and gaskets are not included. You may purchase the gaskets from ZERO through special order.