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Deep Drawn Gasket-Fitting Cover (COG) allows clearance for a gasket. No height variation is available without special tooling, and gaskets are not included. You may purchase the gaskets from ZERO through special order.

COG outside fitting cover width and length shown are INTERIOR dimensions. Please reference the Deep Drawn Cover Drawing.pdf for more information.

Unit of Measure

Minimum Order

N/A 1

Deep Drawn Type

N/A Cover Round

Blank Gauge Thickness (Before Draw)

N/A 0.050 in


N/A 1100-0

Stock Status

N/A Stocked

Cover Shape

N/A Round

Interior Diameter

N/A 6.088 in

Inside Height Maximum

N/A 0.625 in

Inside Height Minimum

N/A 0.450 in

Interior Radius

N/A 0.125 in

Recommended Nut Plate Patterns

N/A Not Available

Round Special

N/A No

Matching Part

N/A ZR96

Standard Availability

N/A 5 Days

Heat Treating

N/A Standard heat treating is Fast and Slow Cycle Hydrogen Annealing. ZERO can Heat Treat Alloy 6061-0 to a T-4 or T-6 condition in conjunction with the drawing process.