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VAL-AN 900 12U Rackmount Front Opening Case with Standard Spring-Loaded Latches.
Unit of Measure


  • Hard mounted configuration.
  • Environmentally-protected panels.
  • Front access through removable covers.
  • Panel heights from 5.25" to 28.00".
  • 19" panel width, with standard EIA hole pattern.
  • Waterproof Construction.
  • Meets applicable requirements of Mil-STD-108.

Inside Width

N/A 17.81 in

Outside Width

N/A 18.31 in

Made In



N/A Aluminum

Standard Availability

N/A 8 to 10 Weeks
Mat. Thickness1 N/A 0.063 in

Panel Options

N/A Standard Panel Included.

Product Series

N/A VAL-AN 900 Series

Finish (Custom)

N/A Other colors and finishes available upon request. Any commercial or military specification can be met in our completely equipped and staffed paint facility. In addition to supplying any color per FED-STD-595, RAL and PMS, ZERO can match any color.

Outside Cover Depth

N/A 4.50 in

Environment Options

N/A D = Drop Proof per Mil-STD-108 S = Watertight per Mil-STD-108

Latch Type

N/A Standard Spring-Loaded Latches

Finish - Powder-coat Options (Recommended)

N/A BK = Black 27038 DB = Dark Blue 25045 DS = Desert Sand 20372 FG = Forest Green 24079 GR = Gray 26307 MB = Medium Blue 25190 NG = NATO Green RAL6014 OD = Olive Drab 24097 OR = Orange 21400 RD = Red 21105 WH = White 27925 YW = Yellow 23538

Finish - Mil-Spec Options

N/A A = No Finish. B = Wash Prime and Epoxy Primer. C =Light Gray, Semi-Gloss = Same as B plus Paint Polyurethane, Color No. 26307. D = Light Gray, Gloss = Same as B plus Paint Polyurethane. Color No. 16307. E = Yellow, Gloss = Wash Prime per DOD-P-15328 and Epoxy Primer per MIL-DTL-53022 plus Paint Polyurethane. Color No. 13538. F = Strata Blue, Gloss = Same as B plus Paint Polyurethane, Color No. 15045. G = Green, Semi-Gloss = Same as B plus Paint Polyurethane. Color No. 24300. H = Olive Drab. Semi-Gloss = Same as B plus Paint Polyurethane. Color No. 24084. J = Olive Drab, Lusterless = Same as B plus Paint Polyurethane, Color No. 34088. K = 383 Green, Camouflage = Same as B plus Paint Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating "CARC" per MIL-DTL-53039, Color No. 34094. S = Special Order - Please Specify. UA = Chemical Film per MIL-DTL-5541. W = Chemical Film per MIL-DTL-5541. Epoxy Primer per MIL-DTL-53022, or Water-base Epoxy Primer per MIL-DTL-53030. Paint with White Polyurethane Coating per MIL-PRF-85285 or Epoxy Coating per MIL-PRF-22750.

Valve Options

N/A A = Automatic Valve M = Manual Relief Valve N = None Required

Rack Mount Type - Frame

N/A Hard Mount

Panel Height

N/A 21 in

Panel Height (U Size)

N/A 12U

Outside Case Height

N/A 21.87 in

Drip Proof Options (Latch Quantity Required)

N/A 4

Watertight Options (Latch Quantity Required)

N/A 10

Rack Panel Part Number

N/A -21

EIA Pattern Options

N/A C = Customer N = None Required P = Standard EIA #10-32 Provided

Outside Depth without Cover

N/A 12 to 18 in. (1 in. increments)

Storage Options

N/A 4 = None Required 5 = Inner Lid For Cover

Handle Options

N/A 1 = Non-recessed Handle 2 = Recessed Handle


N/A Any commercial or military specification can be met.

Panel Fabrication:
Silk Screen
Custom Fabrication

Case Customization:
Designation Printing
Silk Screen

A free consultation with a ZERO packaging engineer can save you time and money. Knowing how to efficiently and economically dissipate the energies of shock and vibration without damage to the packaged product is a specialized pursuit. ZERO has designed and fabricated more than half a million military cases, each with its own vibration and shock isolation system. ZERO’s professional packaging engineers will share their accumulated wealth of vibration and shock isolation with you. After careful analysis of your packaging requirement, we will recommend a technique, utilizing one of the following systems:

  1. Polyurethane foam cushions
  2. Polyethylene foam cushions
  3. Shear and vibration mounts


N/A Contact ZERO Design Engineers to verify weight and support required.

Panel Width

N/A 19 in

Industry Standards

N/A Mil-STD-108


N/A Additional latches required for watertight ("S") option.
Add: 6 latches (10 total).
  • 1 The thickness depends on the size of the model.